Standard Disclosure

This may apply to people in the Care Industry, Scottish Social Services Council staff, General Teaching Council Scotland staff, Driving Tuition or Taxi Drivers.

Information included on an Standard Disclosure Certificate:

Unspent ConvictionsINCLUDED
Spent ConvictionsINCLUDED
Membership StatusNOT INCLUDED
Consideration StatusNOT INCLUDED
Suitability InformationNOT INCLUDED
Prescribed Court Orders & Sex Offenders Notification RequirementsNOT INCLUDED
Sex Offenders Notification RequirementsINCLUDED
Other Relevant InformationNOT INCLUDED
Information about last PVG Scheme RecordNOT INCLUDED
Information about changes to Vetting InformationNOT INCLUDED

The Standard Disclosure

A standard disclosure as with a basic disclosure provides criminality information about a candidate. In addition to unspent convictions the information includes “spent” convictions cautions and Sex Offenders Notification Requirements.

Depending on the role which is being carried out,  you may have to apply for a Standard Disclosure on behalf on a new employee or volunteer.

  • Certain licences issued under the Private Security Industry Act 2001
  • Driving instruction licences issued under the Road Traffic Act 1988.Inclusion in the register of approved driving instructors
  • Certain financial services posts.
  • Landlords
  • Accountant
  • Veterinary Surgeon
  • Actuary
  • Precognition agents
  • Work in a care service that is not regulated work as defined in the PVG Act
  • Work in a health service that is not work as defined in the PVG Act
  • Work in the Scottish Society Prevention of Cruelty to animals that involves killing animals
  • Internet monitoring for child protection purposes
  • Scottish Social Services Council staff  
  • Social Care and Social Work Improvement Scotland staff.
  • General Teaching Council Scotland staff
  • Firearms dealer
  • Explosives Regulations occupations
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